Reading Assistant is designed to be used by beginning readers, English language learners, and struggling readers

who have attained basic word recognition and decoding skills and are now building their vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. This includes students as young as first grade, all the way up to adults.

Reading Assistant is the only reading program
that “listens” to students as they read out loud, intervenes when students falter, and automatically scores students’ oral reading. No other program provides comparable real-time guidance and feedback. The program’s reporting features help educators continuously monitor student progress, customize instruction, and motivate students.

Educators and parents know that students benefit from extra reading practice, especially when it is combined with immediate feedback and support from a teacher. With Reading Assistant students receive individualized reading coaching every time they use the software, making the most of each instructional minute.

Students using the Reading Assistant program can improve their reading grade level up to 50% more than students receiving classroom instruction alone, in the same time period.

Video: How Reading Assistant Works

"Classroom practices that encourage repeated oral reading with feedback and guidance leads to meaningful improvements in reading expertise for students—for good readers as well as those who are experiencing difficulty."
- National Reading Panel


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