One of our guiding principles is the belief that every student can learn, achieve, and grow. Wakefield Learning Center is always seeking innovative ways to enhance student learning and motivate students. Children need every opportunity and resource to reach their fullest potential, bolster performance, and develop a positive self image. We use a holistic approach integrating neuroscience research and methodology with practical application. Our most important goal is to make learning enjoyable and academics more meaningful.

At the core of our program is the principle of

Neuroplasticity is the study and belief that the brain has the ability to change itself based on experiences. How we spend our time and what we do on a daily basis influences our brain and how our mental abilities evolve. Research has shown that we can alter the structure and function of the brain in response to specific stimulation.

Students with specific learning disabilities often have deficits underlying in working memory, processing speed, executive function, language processing, and visual and auditory processing. New quantitative studies show that by strengthening these mental processes we can build learning capacity and effective thinking that is necessary for performance in school, work, and life.

We strongly believe in

  • closing the achievement gap for all students
  • early identification and proper diagnosis
  • evidence and scientifically based practices
  • highly trained and effective teachers
  • direct and explicit teaching of phonics
  • small group instruction
  • monitoring student progress using standardized measures
  • providing copious reading material, across genres, at an independent
    reading level
  • use of technology and researched software programs
  • educating and supporting parents
  • a strong home connection
  • cognitive skills training to stimulate, boost, and enhance brain function
"Children who do not learn to read by the age of nine (third grade) will struggle throughout their school years."
- National Institute of Child Health and Development
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